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I am Tomi Stewart. I am a licensed independent clinical social worker in California and Washington (state). I work mostly with adolescents and young adults suffering from anxiety, depression, and trauma. I have worked with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and of all ages 13 and over. Much of my practice has focused on working with queer and questioning individuals, along with individuals in non-traditional relationships. Whoever you are and whatever stage of life you find yourself in, my goal is to partner with you in working toward a more fulfilling and balanced life. You are the expert on yourself and the captain of your own ship. I am but a skilled deckhand.

You can read my full professional disclosure here.


August 2012 - May 2014


I earned my masters in social work from San Diego State University in 2014. My internships were with Alpine Special Treatment Center and the COD Outpatient Clinic at UCSD Medical Center.

August 2017

Received my independent clinical license

I earned my independent clinical license in California in August 2017 and my license remains active and in good standing. I received my independent clinical license in Washington (state) in 2022 and it remains active and in good standing. 

November 2014 -

January 2022

Atascadero State Hospital

I worked for the California Department of State Hospitals - Atascadero as a clinical social worker a little over seven years. I worked with patients in group and individual settings and assisted patients' return to the community. I was a member of the DBT team and grew specialty working with individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I also grew specialty working with extremely aggressive patients.

January 2022 - present


I have been providing tele-therapy since October of 2021. I am working toward also providing therapy in-person, but for now I am only available through tele-therapy.

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